Leading Beauty Sponge Supplier in China

Karina has been manufacturing beauty sponge and makeup brush for 20 years. Our experienced staff is trained to guide you through every beauty sponge purchase. Ordering from Karina is easy as we are the leader in price, quality, and client satisfaction. These are the critical principles that have made Karina a Chinese leader.
We offer quality makeup brushes to the local and international skin care and beauty market; at the lowest price. When you buy from us, you are buying factory direct. If we have to pick one makeup accessory for the best makeup product winning competition, it would definitely be the beauty sponge. The reason is, it is one of the essential tools that help in offering the most elegant finishing touch to the attractive look.
Every lady uses makeup, whether it’s the morning daytime or the night time lively lip color—a female puts on some makeup products like a beauty sponge and a makeup brush to enhance her beauty.

Beauty Sponge and Makeup Brush

Karina is an expert beauty sponge supplier offering state of the art sponges and other cosmetic goods. To apply the right makeup product, a few unique cosmetic essentials are needed. From putting on beauty sponge when going to college or applying lip color while getting ready for a party, the makeup accessories help all through the journey.
An innovative beauty sponge manufacturer, Karina, has evolved in each cosmetic category, becoming the largest beauty sponge supplier. We took a primary sponge and reinvented as a superior makeup tool:
We offer a wide range of price and materials points. Our beauty sponge and makeup brush provide a consistent application for powder and liquid makeup and is an exclusive antimicrobial treatment for additional protection. Karina helps a retail beauty sponge supplier to make a statement with OEM and ODM brushes. You can work with us to produce and develop cosmetics with full support from design to delivery.
As a leading beauty sponge supplier, Karina introduces new makeup tools and innovative designs that help cosmetic and skincare brands own the application process. Our design and experts help organizations with every step of the process.
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