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September 7, 2020
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September 7, 2020

Makeup Tips & Trends for 2017
Welcome to warm seasons, fresh aromas, flowers, light clothing and new trends in lipstick colors 2017 that will surely surprise you. The world of makeup is constantly changing. Each season has its fashion and makeup is no stranger to the trend of each year. What can be appreciated for four or five seasons, is that fashion is increasingly varied and with enough diversity of colors and looks to represent the tastes of almost all women. Some spring makeup tips summer 2017 are:
Natural look: ideal for all women and of all ages. It is an excellent look for spring and summer, as this look is achieved with little makeup and neutral colors such as pink and earth colors. This type of makeup is very convenient for the day and the office; it is discreet, sober and natural. It also looks light and feels the same, something very important if you are hot. To achieve a natural look, it is advised to use a matte foundation with light coverage and it should be applied with proper foundation brush. You can find different many types of brush sets with varying price and quality from a number of makeup brushes manufacturers. It is always advised to chose the brush set that has a quality built, packaging is not that important.
Salmon is a color that has come to stay in the makeup palette of the warmer days. Salmon is an orange color with earth tints. Today the market offers a huge variety of shades, enamels, and lipsticks. Of course, if you use a salmon lipstick treat that the shadow you use is not the same color. Blue and green: they are colors that are not usually used in the spring or summer. However, they are a trend this year, especially in shades and enamels. Both blue and green favor blond women and especially if you have clear eyes. The blue or green shade is combined with black eyelash mascara and nude, light pink or gloss lipstick. Ideal for the night, whether to go dancing or for dinner. Also, some brands are offering the blue eyelash mask, in this case, remember that the color touch is just the eyelashes. Red: warm color if there are, it will be used both in lipsticks and enamels. There are different types of reds, in this case, those that are fashionable make-up spring summer 2017 are the strong reds, not the dark ones that were used so much in this winter. In lipsticks, there is gloss (very good for the exit of the pool or the beach), and you can also find them in mate both for the night and for the day. It can be accompanied by shades of nude or pink for day and night with darker shadows. Rosa: whether from the clearest colors or the most vibrant are the colors par excellence of every year. You can find them in shades, blush, lipsticks, and enamels. It is a color that favors all skins, and strong colors such as gum can be used both as shade and as a lip. We should also know that the lipstick colors for summer 2017 are catching the attention of all. The season of fresh scents, beautiful days, flowers and light clothing arrived. Each season has its fashion and, therefore, the makeup is not free to the new options for that reason, it is a great moment for you to start 2017 updated.

So, Which lip shades are Trending?
Everything indicates that in 2017 different molds will be broken regarding makeup since the light tones will be pushed aside and replaced by strong and striking tones. A new trend tilts to the dark 2017 lipstick colors, which almost come close to black, such as burgundy and plum in their darker versions. On the other hand, you can find lipsticks in extravagant colors launched by well-known cosmetic firms: green, blue, purple, yellow, etc. For its part, Red could not miss, and this year you’ll find it in crimson, cherry, vibrant red and orange. There is a broad range of colors red! Both metallic colors, fluorescent, corals, glitter, and matte will be the new trend and have one or two lipstick colors 2017 will be a must have. Electric oranges, fuchsias, peaches, grayish purples and neon pigments will make you talk.

Other make-up products trending this year
Moisturizing creams with color, light makeup bases and illuminators will serve to give your skin freshness and luminosity and are ideal for an outdoor look. On the other hand, the contouring will continue to take, but this time it will not be used in the day to day, but rather in special dates. As for eye makeup, the range of blues will be the main protagonist of the summer, along with mascara or mascara and color eyeliners. There are green, yellow, blue, violet, and etc.
This season you can also discover the wet or glossy effect, which serves to create a sophisticated night makeup. If you wish to wear it, you must first place a creamy pencil around the movable eyelid; Blend it with your fingertips.
Then apply a layer of clear gloss on the eyelids for a juicy and shiny effect. If you do not have a gloss you can use Vaseline and even if you want to create a look for the day, you should only use a clear shade and put the gloss or Vaseline above. The eyebrows are thickened, stuffed and disheveled; the illuminator cannot be missing, so you must use pearled tones for the day and gilded for the night. The cream blush will give your skin a fresh finish, but if you have mixed or oily skin, I do not recommend it. Apply blush on the cheekbones and a thin layer of translucent powders to clarify, purify the face and seal the makeup.
In short, this 2017 will be a year in which the excesses of color, brightness, and contrasts will not be lacking. Every woman is different, and her routine is not always the same. However the makeup spring summer 2017 is very varied which allows you to choose the look with which you are most comfortable at any time of the day. Remember always to use hypoallergenic products and always remove the makeup before going to bed.

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