Six Steps of using a Shaving Brush

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Every renowned men shaving brush supplier offers quality brush for a smooth shave. They help men to remove their facial hairs and look prominent. However, you need to look for some steps to follow for a desirable shave.

Here are the six steps to follow while shaving your facial hairs.

Filling your Shaving Bowl:

Fill your shaving bowl with warm water. This is used throughout your shave. If you don’t have a shaving bowl, then simply use a mug or sink can also be used directly. The water should be warm enough to soften the hairs of your brush but not too hot, which will make your skin uncomfortable.

Keep your Shaving Brush Moist:

Moist your brush by dipping its hair in the warm water and soaking it for some time. The type of your brush’s hair will determine how long brushes need to be soaked. Different brushes may take different times. When you feel your brush hairs are soft, then take it out and remove the excess water before proceeding to the next step.

Adding Shaving Cream to your Brush:

Have your shaving cream and soap ready. Pour your shaving cream on your brush hairs or in a cup that will be ideal for dipping. A rich amount of shaving cream isn’t required. If you have purchased your shaving cream from a reputable brand, then you don’t need to apply a thick layer of cream.

Creating a Foam:

There are different options for building foam. A shaving bowl is used, or you can directly go to your beard area. Take your shaving brush and move in a circular motion. The soap will thicken and will create foam on your skin. Doing too much lathering will end up causing runny soap that will not protect your skin while shaving.


When you are satisfied with the foam applied, you can pick up your branded razor and shave your hair. A finely applied layer of shaving cream will protect your skin from damage and will shave accurately.

Rinse and Dry:

After you are done with the shave, it’s time to rinse your face and shaving brush with cold water. To get rid of all the soap on your shaving brush, massage the hairs of the brush with your fingers properly. Take a small towel to absorb the moisture on your shaving brush.

How to Keep your Shaving Brush Maintained?

High-quality brushes can last for a long time if properly maintained. You need to take good care of your brush.

Taking good care of makeup brushes is also recommended by makeup brush suppliers for brush’s long life.

Here are some basic steps to maintain your shaving brush.

  • Do not press the brushes too hard on your skin that they make your brushes hair damage early.
  • Rinse your brushes properly with water and remove all the soap and dry brush hairs.
  • On the stand, place your brush hairs on the downside so that the remaining water doesn’t enter the brush stand.

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