What Are Konjac Sponges and How Are They Used

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September 7, 2020
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What Are Konjac Sponges and How Are They Used
Are you new to konjac sponges? Then you must know that the same konjac root that is used to make delicious noodles are also used for the formation of best ever sponges, konjac sponges. If you are a fan of sustainable, vegan based beauty product lover, then konjac sponges are best for you.

Konjac Sponge, What?
A konjac sponge is basically a 100% natural sponge, widely employed for body and facial cleansing purposes. Konjac sponge wholesale suppliers make them from the fibers of konjac plane. These sponges have been used for more than 100 of years as a newborn bath sponge, given to their soft texture and natural qualities. It is one of Japanese secret to a beautiful and smooth skin. This sponge is also been held responsible to remove all the buffing from your face leaving flawless cleaned skin and radiant glow. One of the best article to employed to remove dry or dead skin from your face during daily face wash regime.
Just like the makeup sponges we use today these sponges also get hard when dried, and become extremely soft when soaked under the water. Previously they were only used as a bathing sponge but konjac sponge suppliers have now introduced them as a cosmetic sponge as well.
Unlike the synthetically manufactured sponges, konjac sponges are offering various benefits. Here is what you need to know about a konjac sponge, from benefits to their use.

Extremely Soft:
Konjac sponges, when soaked in the water, are extremely soft. And can be used as a replacement of your daily scrub. Many dermatologists believe that these sponges are gentle and better than any usual scrub you use. They are helpful in removing dry skin flakes and can be used on sensitive skins as well.

Efficient Makeup Removers:
Did you know konjac sponges are best for removing makeup and grime from your face and body? You can use them with soap, your favorite face wash or simply with the water. They are gentle enough to be used around your eyes and nose parts.

Promised Glow:
A konjac sponge can be used to remove all the built-up dirt and makeup from your face. And is also effective in removing dead skin layer or dry patches that are impossible to be removed without irritating the skin. Making your skin soft and glowy. Just do not expect the same glow as you get after a chemical peel.

Deep Cleansing:
Konjac sponge suppliers claim that they are the best skin cleaning agents. And true to the claim, they are actually very good cleansing agents. All you need to do is soak a konjac sponge in water for a minute or two, and then rub it in a circular motion.

Helps With Acne:
Since they are gentle and made from natural material, they do not contain anything that can further trigger your acne. If you are having acne prone skin, go with the one that contains charcoal to draw out the impurities.
Can Be Used Twice a Day:
Since these sponges are not made from chemicals it is possible to use them twice or even more times daily. The more you use the better results you will get.
They Have A Shelf Life:
Just like any other type of sponge, konjac sponges are also a certain shelf life. And even though most of the konjac sponges are said to be anti-bacterial, they are not self-cleaning. You need to rinse your sponge every time after you are done using it and let it hang where it can dry. You will be required to change your konjac sponge after every 6 months if you are using them regularly.
Meaning Behind Different Colors:
Cosmetic sponge suppliers are making them in various colors. But the aim is not just to create a colorful directory of konjac sponges. Their colors are also having specific purposes. Like dark gray sponges are for acne prone skin, since they are infused with charcoal. Pink or red konjac sponge contains French clay which is very helpful for people with sensitive skin, mature, or dry skin.
Can Be Used For Your Entire Body:
These sponges were first developed by the farmers of Japan. To wash the delicate bodies of newborn children gently. Due to their softness, konjac sponges can be used to wash not only the face but entire body. Especially on acne pore areas for gentle deep cleaning.

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