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Rosy cheeks are a symbol of beauty and good health. It is difficult to maintain the rosiness all the time, so Shenzhen karina come up with and innovative design and state of the art makeup tools being the only blusher brush manufacturers in China. The function of the blush is to color and help define the facial structure by adding beauty.
Enjoy perfectly toned makeup with our state of the blusher brushes. Made with finest quality raw material our brushes offers ultra-soft bristles making you look like done by professional stylists at home. We are distinguishes by our innovative designing and incredible colors that add life to your makeup kit. These brushes can be used with any type of makeup powder.
When it comes to applying the blush for daily or occasional purposes, there are several varieties of brush one can choose from. Each of these offer different functions, and the best one for you depends on the effect you want to create.
For natural makeup with having one of them is enough. There are natural ones with animal or synthetic hair. If you use high-quality synthetic, they work as well as natural hair without mistreating any animal. Shenzhen karina is an expert blusher brush manufacturers that offers 100% organic synthetic brushes for you adoration.
We are a technology centered blusher brush manufacturers keeping our brushes up to the highest medical standards. Our complete range is highly recommended by dermatologists due the customized and innovative design it helps keep your skin healthy and fresh for a longer period of time.
Large Blusher brush is used for non-brushing powders. But they can use it for those who like a natural look.
Flat Blusher brush it is recommended for the blush of paler colors because it applies more product to the cheeks. If you use a stronger blush color put a little product or shake it before applying it to avoid putting much.
Round Blusher brush It is the most used brush for its versatility, ease of use and because it gives a natural makeup. Its rounded head puts the product directly in the central part of the cheek giving a natural blush. If you just want to have a brush, this is the best.
The beveled shape of this blush brush makes it possible to apply Rouge under the cheekbones, on the cheekbones or for the make-up of apple bites.
This brush is also perfect for shading and highlighting on the face and the cheeks. These are important if you are willing to have a natural complexion with downlights. The brush is not meant to powder the whole face, but only for the sun terraces with a tanned look or to contour on the cheeks, chin and the hairline of the forehead.
Check below the wide variety of Blush brushes that Karina makeup tools Ltd, Shenzhen, China. Offers

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