Cosmetic Bags Manufacturers

Shenzhen Karina Makeup tools Limited (Karina) is one of the professional cosmetic bags suppliers in China. Established in 2010 in Guanlan, Shenzhen, our makeup tools and products are not confined to just cosmetic bags, but we also offer foundation brush, blusher brush, powder brush, lip brush, etc. Please visit our “products” tab to know our range of makeup products. Our customers receive the products in a maximum of 10-45 Working Days.
We design, produce, and deliver OEM and ODM hard cosmetic bags fully. However, that’s only half of what we offer our customers at Karina. We have a domestic production factory and skilled team that will stand by you. The quality which outperforms other cosmetic bags manufacturers is that our products last long after your order has been placed. Designs and manufacturing methods of cosmetic bags will ensure that your cases withstand the end user's rigorous demands. Also, our customer service team ensures that you receive your orders on time and without defects.

Cosmetic Bags Suppliers in China

For over 20 years, Karina has been producing custom cosmetic bags for market leaders that exist in different countries. Our designs are made to last and give real value to end-users. Whether you require a wallet to save and transport a unique lip brush or a soft bag manufactured to be sold directly to consumers, you can blindly count on us as one of the reliable cosmetic bags suppliers in China.
As one of the prominent cosmetic bags manufacturers, we provide various shapes, designs, and colors. Therefore, anyone can add it with any makeup tool. Our range of cosmetic containers can be found in the travel size, drawstring option, transparent cosmetic bag, and all-purpose variants. Besides providing colossal storage space, our bags also provide multiple adjustable compartments for all your favorite makeup tools organized. Our makeup bag is definitely what you always look for. “Hard exterior protects your makeup essentials, the adjustable compartments allow for multipurpose uses, your brushes are protected from dirt, and the zipper pocket is enough to hold your palettes. To beat other cosmetic bags suppliers in China, we produce durable, not too bulky, and easy to carry bags. If you need to pick one out a few top cosmetic bags manufacturers, Karina is that one option.
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