Excellent Range Of Eyeshadow Brushes By Leading Manufacturers

Most make-up brands have their range of brushes to complement their products. It has always been said that a good makeup product is not so much without a good brush to apply it.
Most of the brands in the world offer expensive makeup brushes, but in SHENZHEN KARINA MAKEUP TOOLS LTD we are leading eyeshadow brush manufacturers offering affordable price and highest quality.
With years of experience we advances as one of the most advanced and state of the art eyeshadow brush manufacturers integrating all new latest technologies, designs concepts, and innovative in our brushes. Our entire range of eyeshadow brushes are not only highly recommended by expert makeup artists and stylists but are also used by them professionally. Our featured brushes consists soft fibers, varied head shapes, with elegant and stylish handles and finishes. We have used the most advanced patented antimicrobial treatment formulation that prevents germs to develop in our brushes and protects against bacteria to maintain unparalleled hygiene.
The eyeshadow brush you need depends on the type of eye color you are using and the effect you are trying to achieve. Buy a special brush if there is a particular special effect that you’d like to make. Additionally, make sure that you always check the feel of the bristles and the quality of the brushes construction before making your purchase.
We are finest eyeshadow brush manufacturers that offers delicate, round and synthetic brush, suitable for the application of saturated shadows on the eyelids and the perfect mixture of colors.
We offer both:
Eyeshadow angle brush
Long, round and conical. This brush is perfect to make up the eye socket. Simply gently follow the line between the bone and the eyelid up and down along the natural fold. That’s how you build color depth.
Eye Shadow Blending Brush
Use this light brush to mix colors in the eyes and highlight the bone of the eyebrow.
Choosing the right eye shadow for each face and eye shape is very important to get your eyes to stand out. In SHENZHEN KARINA MAKEUP TOOLS LTD we have a wide range of eyeshadows Brushes with eyeshadows of different shades: gold, black, shiny, brown as well as cream shades and the best collection of various color palettes.
To get the effect that you need, you must apply the eye shadow correctly: choose three different eyeshadow colors within the same range. Use a primary color in the area of ​​the eyelid to define the look, apply at the end of the eyelid the darker tone to highlight and give it depth and a lighter shade in the arch of the eyebrow to brighten your look.
You will find a great variety of different eyeshadows brushes for every moment of the day on Karina Cosmetic Brush Company. Choose the tone that best suits you and gets your eyes to be the protagonists of your face!

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