Best Foundation Brush Manufacturers

Shenzhen karina is an advance state of the art foundation brush manufacturers in China. The art hairstyles of this flat, dense and wide brush enable the smooth application of liquid Makeup brushes and creamy makeup primers. Foundation brushes are used to apply foundation before applying makeup. By using our foundation brushes you can get a firm makeup base that holds makeup powder and other makeup very well providing an elegant glow and shine to your face. It allows easy application with its soft bristle it can be used with every skin type.
Conical Foundation Brush: Also called a flat blade brush. Flexible bristles and smoothly tapered edges make this brush perfect for application and blending of liquid and cream bases. Beginning in the face areas needs the most coverage and use down strokes for milder natural applications.
Rounded Foundation Brush: Thickly packaged bristles collect and distribute product evenly. The round, dome-shaped shape allows the bristles to blend as they are brushed. The result is a perfect scratch-free finish for any liquid, cream or powder makeup.
Foundation Flat Brush: The rounded flat tip makes mixing around the contours of the face a breeze. Use a side to apply base to the contours of the nose, dark circles, forehead bone, jaw, etc., then turn it around and use the blank side to blend.
The accuracy of the brush: Although often mistaken for a corrector brush, we can get your foundation to those hard to reach places. This brush is smaller and reaches a point that allows a more precise application. They use it to cover minor imperfections and flaws and to clean the lines after applying a bold lip color.
Fluff Brush: Also called kabuki brush. Bristles are barely packaged with a large, fluffy brush with a rounded shape. Use it with loose or compact powder bases, simply shake the excess before using brush strokes on the face.
Angled brush: The angled shape allows a more precise shading, which is ideal for the contour. Softer, soft angled brushes are excellent for applying a base of loose powders, mineral powder base or gel foundation. Angle brushes with stiffer, more densely packed bristles can be used for the more controlled contour.
Brush Tip: This brush provides the lighter application of pigment for a clear finish. Use it as your base brush to achieve a smooth, airbrush effect. It can also be used in a stippled motion to evenly press cream brush on the cheeks.
Fiber Duo Brush: Made from a mixture of goat hair and synthetic fibers this brush is ideal for polishing and color mixing. The circular head of the fluffy flat head provides a light and build able covering of liquid, cream or powder.
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