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Shenzhen Karina Makeup tools Limited (Karina) is one of the renowned lip brush manufacturers in China. Established in 2010 in Guanlan, Shenzhen, our makeup products are not confined to just lip brushes but we also offer foundation brush, blusher brush, powder brush, etc. Please visit our “products” tab to know our range of makeup products. Our customers receive the products in a maximum of 10-45 Working Days.
A flawless application of makeup starts with the right tools, where specialized ones help you blend and apply colors to create various makeup looks. Lip brushes suppliers can be your road to flawless makeup.
It is possible if you invest in the right type of lip brushes and makeup tools. Right makeup tools from right lip brush supplier in china help you get flawless makeup look and help you save money in the long term..

We are the Best Lip Brush Supplier in China

Lip brush provided by us is a makeup application tool with a long, thin pencil-like wand and soft bristles at the end that usually makes a tapered point. You can use our lip brush to apply a lip gloss or a lipstick evenly to your lips. As a top lip brush supplier in china, we have talented specialists who provide the best and top-rated sharp lip brush sticks. The clarity and finish are only visible at the application.
Our designs of lip brushes allow the convenient application of lip bases. Unlike most of the lip brush manufacturers in china, our lip brushes are disposable and retractable. It can be adjusted according to user convenience. The bristles of our lip brushes are ultra-soft and make lip applications soft and safe. As a prominent lip brush supplier in China, we provide various shapes, designs, and colors. Therefore, anyone can add it with any makeup kit. Our range of lip brushes can be found in the angled lip, soft bent lip, about lip, delicate lip, and all-purpose variants.
We have a factory that spans over 12,000square meters. We have 250 well-trained and professional workers. That is why all of our products have gained many customers' trust in the domestic and global markets amongst reliable Lip Brushes suppliers.
We provide both OEM and ODM lip brushes and other cosmetic items for several globally renowned brands, Such as The Primark, New Look, Disney, Boots, Douglas, etc. Therefore, we are known as prominent Lip Brushes suppliers in China.
Karina is known for providing the fine and the unique lip brushes. We produce quantity and quantity altogether, unlike other lip brush manufacturers in china. Our flawless lip brush wands provide magic with your lipstick brand and give a finishing look you love.

You can find different types of lip makeup brushes at KARINA MAKEUP TOOLS LTD-like
Lip contour brushes
These brushes are essential for the precise design of lip lines. Especially if you have the lipstick color as a contour and do not want to use a contour pin, you are without a brush.
Lip filler
This is a small lip brush for the smooth application and filling of lipstick.
We offer Retractable lip brush, for blending profiling pencils and applying lip products. Precise elastic bristles allow the color to be evenly applied even at the most sensitive points such as the sides of the mouth. The retractable structure of the brush makes it exceptionally easy to carry with you.
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