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SHENZHEN KARINA MAKEUP TOOLS LTD offers you a rich selection of professional powder brushes. In this category, you will find only quality brushes that meet all your requirement and budget.
Our powder brushes works perfectly for profession salon uses as well as for home use. You can these brushes in a variety of shapes, designs and vibrant colors. The advance bristle formation of powder brushes makes it super-easy to apply makeup powder evenly on your face and minimizing the likes of powder stuffing. With a long tail these brushes are very convenient to use. Made with non-toxic, latex free material it prevents skin allergies and irritation and can be used for every skin type.
The collection of powder brushes you need
In SHENZHEN KARINA MAKEUP TOOLS LTD we have an extensive selection of powder brushes from the. The best place where you can buy soft powder brush for your big day, SHENZHEN KARINA MAKEUP TOOLS LTD is the world’s leading powder brush manufacturers offering wholesale prices and state of the art designs.
For the application of loose or compact powder, large and fluffy brushes are good. There are very nice soft natural hair brushes, with which one can apply powder large-scale.
Duo Fiber Powder Brush
In addition to the classic large, round powder brush, we are a distinguished modern powder brushes manufacturers, which make an even easier application of powder. The upper hairs of the brush are rather spring-like.
Enjoy Ideal Dusting with Powder Brushes
The beveled shape of this blush brush makes it possible to apply Rouge under the cheekbones, on the cheekbones or for the make-up of apple bites allowing even dusting of makeup on your skin.
This brush is also perfect for shading and highlighting on the face and the cheeks. Getting a natural complexion with down lights is important. The brush is not meant to powder the whole face, but only for the sun terraces with a tanned look or to contour on the cheeks, chin and the hairline of the forehead.
Fan brush
The fan brush is primarily a correction brush. I use it to dust off eye shadow colors when eye shadow falls under the eye when applying eye make-up. The fan brush is a type of powder brush also carries powder particles or other pats with powdered consistencies. One can also take the fan brushes to achieve soft accents with powder, bronzer or highlighter.
Precision detail for powder shadows
For more precise work, a small beveled brush is good. With this brush, you can apply eye shadow very close to the eyelash rim. Both plane and point orders are possible by the bevels.
Medium to large powder brushes is optimal. Powder brushes at Shenzhen Karina Makeup Brush are soft, fluffy, does an excellent job and does not lose any hair even after repeated washing. You can well overlook the fact that the handle can loosen. All in all, the SHENZHEN KARINA MAKEUP TOOLS LTD is a leading powder brush manufacturer providing excellent and favorable brushes.

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