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Cosmetic Sponge

Find Best Quality Cosmetic Sponges at Wholesale Price!

Shenzhen karina is an expert cosmetic sponge suppliers in China offering state of the art cosmetic goods.

Our designing concepts evolved from the top manufacturing standards that uses environmental friendly processes and is 100% free from natural latex. Our range of cosmetic sponges are made up of latex-free polyurethane that can be used to every skin type. Shop with us and avail exclusive discounts on standard and customized sponges.

If we had to pick one best makeup accessory for the best product winning competition, it would be the cosmetic sponge. Not because we are dealing with it here, but because it is one of the essential accessories that helps in giving the finest finishing touch to the getting-ready look. Every girl uses makeup. Whether its just the morning daytime eye mascara or the night time lively lip color, a girl puts on some products to enhance her beauty. You must have experienced this too, right? To apply the right kind of makeup product few special cosmetic essentials are required. From putting on lip color when going to college or applying foundation while getting ready for a party, the makeup accessories help throughout the getting ready journey.

The different types of cosmetic sponges in our store are just a sign of how important these sponges are in the world of makeup. Whether you have to remove the smudged eye shadows/ liner or clean your face after the party, to blend the foundation or to moisturize your skin with the cleanser, the cosmetic sponge come in handy. There are multiple brands that design the products but the ones we offer are the finest in quality that made us a reliable cosmetic sponge manufacturers. It is because of how wanted our products are that we have managed to come up with a huge variety cosmetic brush and sponge gallery.

Why we are the best cosmetic sponge suppliers?

A sponge is used to perform several jobs. The versatility of our sponges is what makes them every girl and womans favorite. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. This makes them look beautiful and trendy. And who doesnt like to buy trendy fashion products? Moreover, this product is easy to use for all purposes and is made from the high-quality material with quick absorbent properties. Hence, the top features of the product are:

  • High demand in the market
  • Quality material of the sponge/ puff
  • Multiple sizes and shapes for various uses
  • Multipurpose sponge

Our colorful sponge collection comes in a lot of varieties. We have products that are 2 in 1 and give amazing advantages to the users. You can now use the fine fibers brush end to apply the blush and the sponge to sharpen the edges if you want to. Few other products are designed with a highlighter brush with them. They have proven their worth as well. But if you are looking solely for a sponge that helps keep your skin clean, soft and healthy, then try our mini makeup blending puffs, puff stick patting sponge, short and long handle sponge brushes and the beauty blender sponges. We are the only cosmetic sponge manufacturers in Chin offering products that are Eco-friendly. If any of you are allergic to latex, you need not worry. Our brand product designers have designed non-latex sponge brushes to avoid allergic reactions on the skin.

Oh, and dont miss out the funky crab, fish and turtle shapes sponges. These cosmetic products will float easily on the water and help you use the beauty sponge easily.

Enjoy using makeup but now with advanced cosmetic accessory products!

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