Tweezers and Eyebrow Tools

Shenzhen Karina Makeup tools Limited (Karina) is one of the renowned China Eyebrow Tweezers manufacturers. Established in 2010 in Guanlan, Shenzhen, our makeup tools are not confined to just Tweezers and Eyebrow Tools, but we also offer blusher brush, foundation brush, powder brush, cosmetic bag, etc. Please visit our “products” tab to know our range of makeup products. Our customers receive their orders in a maximum of 10-45 Working Days.
Karina’s China eyebrow tweezers are inspired by global cosmetic trends and design combinations that are buzzing everywhere. Our tweezers are going strong from accessories to décor, to beauty, and beyond. Give your customers a fun color motif and a stroke of good luck with our tweezers and eyebrow tools.
Cosmetic-grade or medical tweezers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Always use stainless steel and avoid nickel or alloys to avert infection from abrasion when plucking around an exposed hair follicle.

China Eyebrow Tweezers Manufacturers

Think of tweezers as an earrings’ pair, use a metal that doesn't aggravate the skin. Most of our tweezers are calibrated at around 3.5 inches in length like other China Eyebrow Tweezers manufacturers.
Shape-wise, go with either a pointed or slant tip. Our slant tweezers are cut at an accurate angle and are user-friendly as well. The head that is sharply angled enables you to hold the tweezers flat against your face. Resultantly, you can see which hair you are actually plucking.
Pointed tweezers and eyebrow tools come to a thin spike and are perfect for plucking ingrown or fine splinters and hairs. A better personal use choice, several professionals do not use pointed tweezers. It's illegitimate for professionals to dig ingrown hairs with pointed tweezers.
That's not in the scope for a licensed aesthetician, which is why self-practice beauties must own a pair. A personal use precision eyebrow tool is designed for people who know their work.
To keep up arch appearances, most consumers resort to tweezers instead of waxing or threading. So, pick one the best China Eyebrow Tweezers manufacturers, to make your eyes look surreal.
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