About us

Shenzhen karina cosmetic appliance co., LTD is located in guangdong shenzhen bay area prosperous.


The company was established in March 2010, the factory covers an area of 12000 square meters, skilled worker 260 people, the monthly production capacity of 4.5 million pieces, makeup brush can be a week around the earth.Karina is a collection research and development, design, production, sales in the integration of modern enterprises, in the company is mainly engaged in high-end cosmetic brushes, makeup sponge, beauty tools, and other professional products, has been good for the domestic and foreign brands to provide professional OEM to ODM and other all-round supporting services.

2010 March

The company was founded in


The area

260 people

Skilled workers

450 million pieces

Monthly production capacity


We have the advantage

Company after more than ten years of precipitation and talents to gradually formed a seasoned management team, technical meisheng, fashionable young team, the quality of the team, the company has 10 elderly 53 employees, more than 5 years old staff 106 people, a large number of technical personnel of the precipitation, make spirit we have a batch of production staff, and attached to perfect products , professional technology and rich experience, rapid development for the company



Company after 10 years of precipitation and talent constantly add gradually formed a seasoned management team, technical meisheng quality team, the fashionable young team.


The product quality

We have successively passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, Sedex 4 p, Disney FAMA wal-mart certification, and in 2021 by the shenzhen market supervision bureau identified as the contract heavy credit enterprise.



Our r&d department independent research and development, constantly breakthroughs, continuous innovation, leading in the industry trend, has applied for 78 patents of appearance and eight patents of utility, and have more project is still in research and development.


Perfect service

We have been focusing on the user experience, always with "customer first" business philosophy "quality assurance", bring customers more high-quality products and thoughtful service!